Evoque – Hamann Hottie

CUVs make sense for a bunch of reasons: they’re not too piggish on fuel, they have lots of space for all of your junk and they fit a fair number of people. That’s not the case with the Evoque, but we don’t care, because style-wise alone, we felt like a million bucks rolling around town, even with its limited space (‘Find your own way to the party, friends!’)

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Posh Spice.

Last week we had the chance to test an Evoque, and the only way to describe it is by cursing … that shit was awesome …

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GMC Granite: Whoa, what’s this …?

Someone recently told us, ‘you need to write more about trucks’. We would, but there’s not exactly a lot to write about. Then this GMC Granite caught our eye. Ok it’s not a truck, but that bullfrog shape and its wonky doors are kind of interesting.
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